snekker - Aurora Bygg


Extensions: Whether it’s enlarging your home, creating an additional room, or additional usable space, we can cater to your needs and provide professional project execution.

Decks: We create beautiful and functional wooden decks, providing the perfect place for relaxation and outdoor gatherings. We offer various designs and styles tailored to your taste and requirements.

Fences: We design and install fences that not only ensure privacy but also add charm and aesthetics to your property.

Kitchens: We craft unique and functional kitchens, offering personalized designs tailored to your preferences and needs.

Stairs: We specialize in designing and constructing stairs that serve as both a practical and decorative element of your home.

Wooden facades: We excel in installing wooden facades that give your building a distinctive look and style. We offer various types of wood and installation techniques to meet your aesthetic expectations.